Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Club Cruceros and more exploring

What fun to catch up with new friends, Chris and Agnes on s/v Sulima, who we met in Guaymas in the work yard. It was also great that Glenn got a glimpse of the daily morning coffee at the La Paz Marina cruisers club. Chris kept one eye on the wind as it began to pick up. There's a "big blow" coming in from the north and cruisers who are anchored outside the marinas are laying in supplies and may be on their boats for 2-3 days keeping watch that their boats don't drag. Chris and Agnes already had to deal with another boat that "dragged anchor" and drifted toward their boat.
Afterwards, breakfast at Rancho Viejo - yum! again.
Ibarra's Pottery, beautiful handmade pottery of all types and sold only at their shop. I wasn't allowed to take any pictures inside - darn!
A weaving factory.
Hand-carved spools
The oldest loom is 50 years old and still in operation, although it looks much older. No modernization or mechanization here.

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