Monday, February 14, 2011

Kevlar: Day 2

Happy Valentine's Day, but there's still work to do. Today we will finish the outside of the starboard hull. Dick is cutting the kevlar we'll be using today. We had to buy special scissors for this project, kevlar doesn't cut very easily.
Dick rolls the epoxy onto the bare hull for the next 5-6 feet. I place the kevlar along the top edge while Darren holds the remaining bulky cloth. Dick then smoothes out the kevlar and then hurries to fully "wet out" the cloth that's been laid. Dick is really hustling, Darren and I stand around and wait a lot.

38 feet complete today, we are now 1/4 finished.

Although we were both quite tired at the end of the day, we had a romantic dinner and a nice bottle of wine and went to bed at 8 pm and fell asleep right away. It felt good to actually do some real work on the boat, but I was so tired. I'm not used to working this hard.

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