Sunday, October 9, 2011

Camping with Kellen

Last night, I took Kellen camping in his own backyard.

 "Look, I can lick the fire."
Kellen roasted marshmallows, but didn't want to eat any.  We fed everyone inside the house and it was time for bed.  "Grandma, can I take your picture?"
Having his very own mini-lantern was a big hit. 
When it was time to lay down, Kellen wanted to go inside and go to bed.  I let him go, but soon he was back with a very long face, "My parents said I have to sleep out here." Doug, Stacey, and Odin came out to visit and encourage Kellen that everything would be ok.  It worked. 
It was still hard for Kellen to settle down.  Finally he said, "Grandma, will you rub my head? . . . up a little higher . .  left . . right . . down . . ooh, ooh, there's an itchy spot on my back! . . down a little lower . . ok, now my head again."  And he fell asleep.

This morning I asked Kellen if he had fun camping. "Yes."
and then if he'd like to do it again sometime. "No."

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