Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oct 15 in E Nicolaus

These are some of my favorite pictures from several bike rides this past week.  It's a 16-mile route figure 8 which takes me from E Nicolaus, to Nicolaus to Rio Oso - a community hall, a post office, and a few residences - and back to E Nic.  This week, one local family name and barns seemed to stand out.  One of the more prominent headstones in the Nicolaus Cemetery, a local family (pronounced SHY-ber).

A left turn onto Scheiber Rd:
The big white S on the barn roof stands for Scheiber:

I cross Hwy 70 twice, each time on a overpass that has no entrances or exits.  There's basically very little traffic on these roads, just the local people.  Much of the rice has been harvested and now some fields have been flooded to become wetlands for birds.  This is from the over of the Cornelius Rd overpass:

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