Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oct 8 in E Nicolaus

Some of my favorite shots from the 2-mile or so walk I took a few times in the past week which goes around the block. It takes me through two communities. E Nicolaus = a few houses, one elementary school and a country store. At the other end of the long block is Trowbridge = a few houses and a high school.
That low band of green is the olive orchard of Dragonfly Ranch. It rained on Monday.
From a distance and not wearing my glasses, my first thought was, "That could win the largest standard poodle contest." 
Arlete Wu:

In Trowbridge,

You hear them coming long before you spot them:
 The overpass is Cornelius Rd when it crosses Highway 99.  In the distance, the Sutter Buttes.

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