Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dick's health: day 5

When we arrived this morning, Dick was awake, smiling, talking, and sitting up more erect, the ventilator and feeding tube had been removed. What a welcome sight! He could move his right arm, although it's still weak. The MRI showed he had several small strokes, and their effects are as yet undetermined.

Therapy has begun. Speech: swallowing ice was difficult so no real food today. He pouted rather cutely at that and the feeding tube was put back in. Physical therapist got him to sit at the side of the bed and shuffle sideways a few steps. Occupational therapist also got him to sit at the side of the bed and gave him a couple of exercises to do. He told her his goal is to get back to sailing, so he plans do his exercises more often than suggested.

We are breathing a sigh of relief and preparing for the long road of recovery.

Continued improvement since yesterday. The speech therapist is keeping him on a feeding tube but tomorrow morning, if he passes the swallowing test, he will get a "full breakfast." He will also move from ICU to a regular room by tomorrow as long as there's a bed available. Breathing exercises have been added to arm raises and bicep curls along with getting out of bed, with assistance, and sitting in a chair for a while.
Not much to report today. We are more hopeful that he is on the long road to recovery.


  1. That is reassuring news Arlete. You might know that Geo had a bovine valve replacement and 2 bypasses about 3 years ago now (I appreciate Dick's issues are more serious). Geo made a good recovery and was back playing golf a few weeks later. It was stressed to him at the time that he only do the exercises exactly as recommended and especially NOT to do more than was recommended. Just saying..........Marion

  2. Arlete, my prayers are with you and Dick.
    If you need anything here on Kauai, just let me know via email at or phone
    612.770.0550. Everyone at the club are looking forward to your return and dick's recovery.
    Pat Hebert

  3. Marion, thank you so much for your suggestions and encouragement.
    Pat, also a big thank you for your offer of help. I may need help with the boat at some point. My mind is swirling with all the tasks that lay ahead so I'm not even sure what kind of help I may need. I will add your email address to my contacts list and put your number into my cell phone. I miss all my hula friends, please say Hi! to all of them.

  4. After every shift on our passage to the Marquesas,I would find Dick standing in the cockpit , arms crossed(if weather permitted) and legs spread appart slightly, also harnessed to the closest pole.
    This was his way of passing time on shift, 3 hours,and hoping his balance would become better. He persisted with great determination, as Im sure he will do now !!
    Our thoughts are with you both.