Sunday, November 25, 2012

In San Francisco

We just spent several wonderful days in San Francisco with Greg and Nicole.
Both Greg and Nicole had to work 10-12 hour shifts at work so got to do some cooking. Roast turkey, sausage/giblet stuffing, and orange-walnut cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving; pumpkin pie donated by Carolyn. Then a short parade of leftover dishes: turket pot pie and turkey chilaquiles; and a pumpkin cheesecake complete with a burnt crust which didn't hinder consumption at all.

One afternoon, as I was working in the kitchen, Dick called out, "Arlete, I'm stuck in a hole and I can't get out."  He'd sunk between the cushions.

Motto on sleeve of Greg's jacket "Oro en paz, fierro in guerra" means "gold in peace, iron in war."

Thank you, Greg and Nicole, for your warm hospitality and sharing your home with us.


  1. What language is that on the sleeve Arlete.
    Seems strange for a english speaking country.

  2. English above the eagle, Spanish under the eagle. Alta (upper) California was once part of Mexico, lots of Spanish in our state.