Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Quick dash to E Nic

Monday.  It was time to go get the car from Justin's house, which meant a day filled with public transportation. CalTrain, Palo Alto:

Amtrak, San Jose station:

Regional Transit, Sacramento = 2 "trolleys" and 1 bus

A therapeutic evening of cracking walnuts. My work station in the garage:
Tuesday.  Lunch with Thais at Orphan - if in Sacramento, eat at Orpha, sooo good.
Fall colors in front of LPA where Thais works.
A visit with Mom.  I told her about Dick's surgery.  She said, "Well, that was uncalled for."  Later she asked if Dick was following the doctor's instructions.  Not always.  She raised her hand and shook her finger, "You tell him to listen, or his mother-in-law is going to have a talk with him.  And that would be horrible."

OK, Dick, you've been warned.

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