Thursday, July 4, 2013

My lost week

Friday 28 June.
Mom was in that ambulance. I just happened to arrive early (because my visit to the Social Security office was a bust) to find Mom about to go to Mercy San Juan Hospital. She was experiencing a lot of pain in her hip and was unable to get around.  We spent a few hours in the ER, got some x-rays which showed nothing, blood work which showed nothing.  And then the pain lessened, so Mom was released.  I will follow-up with her primary care physician after he's back from vacation.  In the days that have followed, Mom is doing quite well.  The pain seems to have mostly gone away. 

At some point after this picture was taken, I dropped my camera and didn't realize the memory card had popped out.  All the pictures I thought I was taking were not to be, but I would only find out about a week later.

My camera is like a diary, so I had to really think about what happened during my no-picture gap:
  • two more unsuccessful early morning trips to Social Security,
  • avoiding seven days of triple digit temperatures,
  • LOTS of sewing projects: embroidered Luke's christening gown (a family heirloom), one blouse, a knit shirt, a boy's shirt, and half a purse,
  • pickleball 
  • and a wonderful 4th of July celebration at Merrilyn and Bob's house.
4th of July.
Sadly there are no pictures of those who attended.  I wish you could have seen the eight different homemade pies and the four gallons of homemade ice cream.  Delicious is such an understatement.  How do you decide?  I wanted 1/64 of every pie, but settled for 1/2 slice of cherry and chocolate cream.  OMG-now I want Merrilyn to offer a Cherry Pie 101 class, I will be the first person to sign up. 

Just before the fireworks show started, I discovered the problem with my camera.

Everyone contributed fireworks, it was a great neighborhood display.  Bob had such a cool setup with sawhorses and a board and nearby wheelbarrow and hose with a nozzle.

Thanks, Bob and Merrilyn, for a wonderful get-together. 


  1. We enjoyed having you all very much! Your grandsons are just beautiful and so polite...Cherry Pie 101 is a go! Better do it before cherries disappear...otherwise we have to wait until next year!

  2. Gosh I wish I had been there, but, ahem, I will be around after 7/19 if there is to be cherry pie. OXXO