Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza

At the local library there was a story time called "The Little Red Makes a Pizza." For days, Kellen kept saying, "I'm going to the library to make a pizza" while I cautioned him that was the name of the book and he shouldn't expect to actually make a pizza in a library. But that's exactly what happened. There was a presentation by the California Food Literacy program.
One of the volunteers didn't show up, so Doug, Stacey, and Doug took charge of one of the stations.  While the kids at the other stations continued to receive educational information, we had our hands full with six kids, a couple of parents looking on, reading directions, making sure everyone had a turn at all the steps. 

Learning to knead dough.  Odin and one other absolutely would not touch the dough. 

After all those hands touched the pizza dough, I was relieved to see English muffins for each child to make their own cold veggie pizza.  Doug helped Liam who was impeded by a very hurt finger. 

At last, the story was read aloud to everyone.

At home, Daddy read Old MacDonald Drives a Tractor.

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