Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sophia and Avery

Thais and Lenin went for a run in Auburn early in the morning. I arrived early to watch Sophia and Avery.

Spinning in the office chair.  Sophia held onto her little brother, most often around the neck, so he wouldn't "fall off the ride."  Avery didn't mind at all. 

Quote of the day.  When I told Sophia how lucky she was to have so many toys, she said, "That's because we have a beautiful house."


  1. I absolutely know what a bonus grandchildren can be and what joy they bring to our lives as we get older. Sophia and Avery seem delightful children. We now have a great granddaughter (Darren's granddaughter) who is quite a character. I don't see enough of her though...............Marion

  2. I'm especially enjoying this time with the grandchildren. They make me smile everyday.

  3. Grandma... I think those children need some help with their footwear. Totally cute. Must have been a fun morning.