Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Party

Val and Chuck hosted a party tonight. Almost everyone was a retiree from the extinct Rio Linda Union School District and their spouses. View from the back yard:

L-R: Linda, Susie

Mike, Linda, Kathleen, Dennis, Carol, Kathy.

All Westside: Mike, Ade, Arlete, Terry, Susie - Linda is hidden.

All Rio Linda Elementary: Ron, Susie, Linda, Bill, Carole, _____ (so sorry to not know this person's name, this will be corrected ASAP), Mike, Linda, Mary, Ray, Arlete, Val, Kathy.

Ann, Jean (also a paparazza), Sue, Joan, Julie.

Master griller Chuck.

Bill, Val, and a rising supermoon.

Thanks, Val, for bringing so many old friends together again.  Total fun!

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