Saturday, June 1, 2013

Katy Trail: day 8

Saturday 1 June
Jefferson City to Rhineland - 22 miles until rescued. (Now you'll keep reading.) By about 9 am, the rain had stopped and it was time to head out. 

The road in front of the hotel was flooded which meant we had to go out the back way to cross over the highway.

The Missouri River was high and filled with debris.

Back on the Katy Trail we had to clear away many fallen trees,

ride on SR 94 when water covered the trail,

carry bikes over trees too big to move,

walk our bikes under fallen trees

and across washouts, 

and even dodge cars using the trail when they couldn't use SR 94.

The water was still rising.

JD went first through this water and almost ran over a 30" fish. His front wheel nudged it. the fish flipped around and swam between his tires. JD was lucky he didn't go down.

The trail ahead was deemed impassable. Now what? 

To the right a flooded road, to the left, the town of Mokane. Hmmm, we were surrounded by deep water. Billie immediately began working on a solution.

We waded through, mid-thigh deep for me.  The people at the bar weren't much help and ended up arguing with each other about which roads might be open to get to Rhineland or maybe Rhineland was impossible to get to. This was a case of TMH - too much help.

The South Callaway Fire Protection District came to our rescue. Everything was loaded into the chief's truck and we were driven the very long way around to our destination.

Jeff became our trail angel of the day. We are so grateful for all he did for us today. Thank you!

Loutre B&B for Billie and JD. Lucy, the owner, graciously allowed me to 

camp in her front yard

and drove us to Hermann for dinner at The Cottage.

What a day, what an adventure, and the river is still rising.


  1. Wow! You are having a BIG adventure! What crazy weather to contend with! Congrats on making it through so far!

  2. I would have opted for a bit less adventure if given the choice, but it sure makes for good stories and good memories.

  3. OK, that is really gloppy riding... and camping. The new tent looks good though.

  4. Camping was great, I got my best night's sleep of the whole trip.