Saturday, June 15, 2013

Strawberry jam & crushing cans

Thanks to my jam-making lesson with Merrilyn last weekend, I felt brave enough to try strawberry jam, but not alone. Doug really wanted to learn how so I enlisted his help. I discovered I can't take a bunch of pictures and make jam at the same time. Finally, as the nine finished jars were going back in to bath for processing, I grabbed the camera.  Thank you again, Merrilyn, for teaching so well that I felt able to tackle this project. 

I asked Kellen if he wanted to go into the can crushing business with me.  We could work together, split our profits depending on who did most of the work.  He thought it would be a good idea so I bought two can crushers.  The day after the crushers were installed, Kellen announced he'd crushed ALL the cans while I was busy doing something else, about 8 pounds of cans.


  1. Good times for the Perryman Boys but precious and priceless for Grandma I think

  2. It's so good to see you all having fun with it! It was my're fun to work with. Maybe Doug should try jalapeno jelly before imbarking on bacon jam....although I love the concept! Keep canning! Pickles are coming up soon!