Friday, June 14, 2013

Fly Slapping

These are Ninja Turtle boys.  A weapon in each hand, striking poses, yelling, "Boo yah ka cha."

Kellen is Donatello, Odin is Michelangelo.

Getting ready for 4th of July.

Limbs and limbs:
A specific request to photograph this pose:

I bought 3 flyswatters the other day.

Pretty soon a game developed and rules were needed.

And then the biggest kid got involved and darn competitive.  The biggest rule is no hash mark can be recorded if fly is not picked up with a paper towel and discarded. 

Stacey and I just stood there and laughed.  Odin got pretty good at swatting stray cocoa krispies on the floor. 

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  1. How did Kellen learn that GQ mag pose? Fun times they will always remember