Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Back in California

On Tuesday, I flew St Louis-Denver-Sacramento. Justin picked me up and I spent the night at his house.

We may have the occasional earthquake - on May 23 we felt a 5.7 magnitude earthquake whose epicenter was 145 miles north of Sacramento.  I will not miss the Midwest weather systems of severe thunderstorms, torrential downpours, tornadoes, rivers cresting their banks, and humidity.  I will try not to complain if the temperature reaches 107° as predicted for next Saturday.

Changes while I was gone:  the wheat on Justin's property is ready for harvest, walnuts have formed on the trees.

The first crape myrtles are in bloom

and fresh garden zucchini has arrived.  Want some?  Time to dig out all the zucchini recipes. 

Welcome summer!

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