Monday, June 3, 2013

Katy Trail: day 9

Sunday 2 June
Rhineland to Hermann - 7 miles by bicycle. Rhineland to St Louis - 83 miles by vehicle. The Katy Trail for today was flooded, so we decided to end our adventure one day early, especially since we were able to make arrangements for JD to get to St Louis via BJ, Lucy's son. Lucy is the owner of Loutre B&B.

While JD went to get his van in St Charles, Billie and I rode into the very cute village of Hermann. Debris on the Loutre (pronounced "looter") River unable to pass under the bridge:

German School Building, 111 years old, now a museum.

Riverfront Park completely underwater:

Getting ready to leave Hermann:

Back at Loutre B&B, a 3-D jigsaw puzzle to make it all fit:

The Gateway Arch in St Louis.

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