Monday, June 3, 2013

Katy Trail: day 10

Monday 3 June
5 am: Billie and JD left for a 12-hour drive back to Roanoke. What a great adventure we had! And it was wonderful to spend time with good friends. 

A tornado touched down in this area on Friday night and created a swath of destruction 250 yards wide and 32 miles long in 35 minutes. This is the back patio of our hotel as of this morning, the biggest pieces had already been removed. The power had been restored just two hours before our arrival yesterday. Whew! 

I took a walk along Riverport Dr this afternoon to check out some of the damage.

Not our hotel.

No damage here, but it was fun to watch these window washers swinging around, washing/squeegee-ing, then lowering themselves down to the next section. 

There were only three of them despite what it looks like.

I'm packed and ready to fly home tomorrow.

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  1. Yes, you picked the worst weather in the country, if not the world, for this tour. But you made it safely. Congratulations.