Thursday, August 22, 2013

A surprise

I went over to Dave and Phyl's this afternoon, except that Phyl wasn't there because she was on an Alaskan cruise this week.  With our second beer in hand, we went for a walk around the the yard.

Hens and chicks gone wild.

And then into his cavernous workshop filled with his latest woodworking project.

Through the next door, there was much to see, lots of storage space, and then ...

a hidey-hole place to sit and maybe smoke a cigar.

I started to look around more carefully and began to see notices posted,

neon lights, stacks of hats, neatly folded flags,

a superhero saying a lion,

a warning,

rubber-band weapons ... all kinds of treasures tucked into obvious and obscure places.

On the way out, Dave said, "Oh, I've been meaning to give this to you." A traditional quilt rack made from old-growth redwood, no nails but rather mortise and tenon joints with a wooden pin. The redwood came from an old barn that used to be on the property which dates back to 1929 or the early 30s. It is beautiful. (I'll post a picture of it again, once it's found its place in the house.)

What a surprise! Thanks so much Dave.

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