Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wedding at Rancho Cicada

Bride and groom, Stephanie and Patrick. Patrick and brother Andy were best friends of Mike and Greg as they all grew up in East Sacramento.  Andy was supposed to be the best man but didn't make it to the wedding due to the birth of his first son about 4 hours before the start of the ceremony. Mike is at far right.

Rancho Cicada is located on a branch of the Cosumnes River, about 6 miles from Plymouth, and down a scary dusty one-lane road with two-way traffic.

Once there, what a beautiful setting.

Dick with Gene, the groom's father.

Laura, Nicole (Greg's wife), Nicole (Mike's wife).

Greg, Mike, Luke.

Kathy (center, the groom's mother) visits with John and Marilyn.

Dick and Luke.

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