Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Safe Routes to School: Day 2

I parked my bike at the free bike valet.

Elle was a member of my LCI training classes. At the conference, she was part of a team

promoting Kidical Mass - Mixing children, grown-ups, and bicycles together.

There was all manner of kid-toting styles, some behind the bike and a few in the front.

A 3-mile ride through downtown.

My tour began after lunch. A group of about 30 people walked to the Amtrak station for a short ride to the Bicycling Capital of the USA, Davis.

This 14-mile riding tour explored the programs and infrastructure of Davis. Those who didn't bring their own bicycles, had rental bikes waiting for them at the Davis Amtrak station.

The director of UCD's transportation department told us about how 20,000 bicycles/day are managed within a student population of 33,000 students.

A relatively new community, UCDavis Village West is "the largest planned zero net energy community in the United States."

Here, the City of Davis bought then tore down a house to create this bike path, a vital connector between communities.
This conference was great and I appreciate very much NNTMA's sponsorship.


  1. Ah Davis! Hmm, I've never heard of this UCDavis Village West - fascinating!

  2. Another fascinating neighborhood was Village Homes, there is no other subdivision like it in the country.