Sunday, March 22, 2009

22 March to 5 April in Rio Linda, California

The setting

Looking across the street to Hansen Preserve and a vernal pool.

The Owners: Jim and Lucy.

What's the connection? Arlete has known Jim since our early days in 4-H, about 50 years ago. Both our families had egg-producing chicken ranches in Rio Linda and our fathers were well-acquainted. Dick has known Jim almost as long. Dick's family and Jim's family both belonged the Creekside Pool when they were kids. Jim, Dick, and Arlete all went to Rio Linda Sr High School. Arlete graduated in 1966, Jim in 1967, Dick in 1968.

What's our situation at this time? Dick is in Guaymas, Mexico, supervising repairs on our catamaran. Arlete came home for the birth of Granddaughter #1. Arlete was staying with her oldest son in East Nicolaus until this opportunity arose.

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