Monday, March 23, 2009

Kicking Olives

This is my second day. There's always a unique aspect to every housesitting job.

Just before Jim and Lucy left, JIM SAID to please "kick the olives" out of the path of the car driving in and out of the yard.

Olives trees line one side of a brick driveway with 2 rows along the street. Lots of olives and this must be the dropping season. When you step on them, a red juice comes out. That kind of red that you know will stain a piece of clothing permanently. Certainly there are stains on the bricks of the driveway. Yesterday I kicked the olives to the side. It didn't matter if they went in a flower bed or on the lawn.

The lawn and flower beds are loaded with kicked-to-the-side or dropped-from-the-trees olives.

But today, I decided I would sweep as many as possible into the back-into turn-around for the driveway.


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