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Chile Rellenos with Mima, street hotdogs in Guaymas

lunes 16 marzo 2009

Arlete: Ana from s/v Trumpeter organized a cooking lesson. I went along and we "goat roped" our husbands into coming along. Jesus from Club Nautico arranged for his sister-in-law, Mima, to meet us at the the club at 10:30 am. We took the Golondrinas bus to Mima's Guaymas neighborhood.


L-R: Mima, Ana and Gary from s/v Trumpeter, Dick

Thanks goodness, Gary was there. He speaks the best Spanish, I speak a little, Dick and Ana even less. But once we got to Mima's house, we met more family members. Two of the girls had just arrived for spring break from Phoenix and were excellent translators.


Mima's Recipe for Chiles Rellenos

Salsa: 3 large tomatoes, quartered
Handful Serrano chiles, pop off the stems, remove seeds/pith for less heat
Salt to taste
2 large cloves garlic, sliced

Put ingredients into a pot with some water, bring to a simmer, cover and cook until tomatoes are tender, maybe 20 minutes. Set aside to cool a bit. Ladle out vegetables into a glass blender container with a little juice, but not too much. Blend until crushed and set aside.

Chile Rellenos: Lay the chiles verdes directly on the open flame of a gas stove until blackened, turning as needed. When charred, set on a half of plastic bag and cover so the peppers can steam and cool. With your fingers, peel off the skin and discard. Make a little hole in the top of the chile under the stem and pull out the inside membrane and as many seeds as possible, but leaving some seeds is ok too. Be careful to keep the stem intact and the hole as small as possible.

L-R: Arlete, Mima, Ana

Grate 1 kg Chihuahua cheese (or any nice melting white cheese. Set aside.
Rice: Wash 2 cups white rice and dry thoroughly. Add a little oil, 2 chopped cloves and ¼ chopped onion and 1 inch oil to deep frying pan. Cook for a while and remove, you only want to flavor the oil, although both husbands thought it could be left in the rice. When Mima scooped it up in a paper towel to throw away, Ana and Gary quickly rescued it, which surprised Mima. Later it would be tucked into one of the chile rellenos along with some cheese.

When the rice is dry, add it to the flavored oil in the frying pan. Stir constantly and the rice begins to brown. Mima said that you much stir faster and faster as the rice turns golden brown. Add an 8 oz can or box of pureed tomoatoes, 2 chicken bouillon cubes, and 4 cups water. Stir until the bouillon cubes have dissolved. Cover, lower the heat, and cook for about 20-30 minutes . Stir to fluff before serving.

Chiles Rellenos: Stuff the chilles with the grated cheese as full as possible and making the smallest hole or slit as possible. Mima said you could also stuff the chiles with shrimp or tuna.

Roll the stuffed chiles lightly in flour. Be sure there’s some on the cheese also. Set aside.

Separate 12 eggs. Mima tapped on the pointy end with a spoon, and then used her fingertips to open a small hold, maybe 3/8” in diameter. She tipped and swirled the egg over a bowl, the white flowed out, but the yolk stayed in. Each egg-with-yolk was set carefully back in the carton. The whites were put in a deep bowl ready to be whipped.

Beat the egg whites with a beater until a fork is able to stand up in the beaten whites.

Mima’s rule and a general kitchen belief:
Do NOT look at the whites while they’re being beaten or the whites will not “fluff up.”

Put all the reserved yolks into a bowl and add them at the end beating just until they are mixed in.

Heat to medium high heat, about 1” oil in a large deep frying pan. To test for high enough heat, drop a teaspoonful of beaten egg mixture into the oil. It should puff up and brown fairly quickly. Lay each stuffed chile in the beaten egg mixture, and use a spoon to coat it on all sides. Quickly and carefully lay it in the hot oil. Two would fit at a time in the frying pans, but the chile verdes were pretty big.

Turn onto all sides until lightly browned. Remove onto a plate covered with a layer of paper towels to absorb the grease.

Serve with rice and salsa. Delicious!


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