Friday, March 27, 2009

Message from a neighbor, the train, later that day

The dog collar hanging on the fence was a message from Neighbor Bob. I arrived home just as he walked up, holding the dog collar. Being new to the neighborhood, I wasn't sure what these silent messages might mean. Bob explained, "It means your dog is out of the yard and running the streets." However, I reassured him that JIM SAID the dog would get out, I shouldn't worry about it, and the dog would be waiting at the gate when I returned. Bob also had a note for the weekly gardener to tape to the fence, "DO NOT LET OUT THE DOG." I told Bob that yesterday the gardeners had been there and were very careful about making sure the dog was inside before they left. Bob kept his note.

The Northern Pacific RR. I grew up down the street and our property backed up to the tracks. The sound of the train this afternoon brought back many happy memories.

Later that day . . .
Oh sure. Just lay there. Looking all cute and sweet and innocent.

This dog is a sweet angel.

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