Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 2 on land

The heck with the rules, I went to shore. It’s about ¼ mile to the black sand beach.

Dinghy tied to railing along Bayfront Highway.

Yippee! Terra firma.

First stop: we bought two used bicycles.

First restaurant meal. Delicious!

We were soon legally back in the USA.

Going back to the boat was a bit of an adventure. With the bikes heavy in the bow, waves lapping bigger than what’s seen in this picture, and climbing in from knee-depth, it was hard and took more than one attempt.


  1. Again , fanbluddytastic.
    We need more info , we are all so interested in 33days , wow.
    Cant believe you still row to shore.
    I can see you two doing Hawawii by pushy.
    All the best , enjoy LAND for a bit .

  2. My sincere appoligies , looking back at the post you have done a fantastic recap of your passage. I never was much on comprehension , spelling or reading, but just love reading your blog and keeping up to date.
    Im going back for more.
    Great stuff Darren

  3. Where did you get the GPS card from , remember , I had exactly the same trouble.
    Yes , Im still back at the start!
    Taking my time and enjoying the reading .

  4. Darren, you are too funny. Thanks for all your support - both sailing and blog. The GPS card is Garmin Blue Vision.