Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 31

I am assuming that the reading that Arlete sent today is wrong.  She said "No wind - think windy thoughts".  She has been sending the reading manually for the last week or so, as her sat phone is not sending it automatically as it was doing earlier in the trip.

Todays reading was:

IF that were correct, they would have traveled 518 miles northward, so I suspect an error in the message today.

NO wind all day. We tried to take down the genoa again. Dick even went up the mast, nothing worked.

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  1. It seems unlikely that they jumped from 22 degrees north latitude to 20 degrees north so it is possible the error is that the position should have been 23.03279, which would put them a little north of where they had been. That still has a problem - they don't need to be further north, the little wind they have is to the WSW, and the winds get weaker to the north and stronger to the south. A puzzle.