Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dinghy-ology: lessons 1 and 2

I've used these pictures before but they will help to illustrate these two incidents.

24 May:  We stayed downtown too long and got back to where the dinghy was tied up.  The tide had come in and the surf was bigger than usual.  The dinghy had been pulled back toward the water, the bow line was stretched tight.  Someone had rescued the oars and set them in the grassy area.  The back 1/3 was filled (as in FILLED!) with black sand and sea water.  Dick used an oar to dig out the sand but it was a losing battle.  The sun was going down.  Thank goodness, three local outrigger club members came over and the five of us managed to turn the dinghy over on its side.  Most, but not all of the water and sand fell out.  We had to get back to the boat as quickly as possible.  As Dick rowed, I knelt in the stern and bailed and bailed, water was seeping in.  The dinghy was bent a bit out of shape and Dick had to make additional repairs to keep it from leaking.  Since then we pull the dinghy up as far as possible.        
 26 May:  Rowing to shore, the waves were much bigger than what's seen here and we weren't tuned in to watching for a big wave coming up on the stern AND we got a little crooked to the wave.  This resulted in the dinghy going sideways and rolling over.  We were both thrown out, I landed on my back, the edge of the dinghy landed on my left cheek and ear leaving a scrape and bruise.  Dick was under the dinghy but scrambled out quickly.  We were soaked and covered in sand from head to toe. 
We managed to get most of the sand off at the county park outdoor shower, then limped to a nearby restaurant for breakfast - a restaurant with vinyl (not cloth) cushions on the chairs, we left puddles behind when we left, still very wet.  People have given us some funny looks since and Dick has imagined they are thinking, "He leads with a right hook."   We are now serious wave-watchers whether we are coming or going and getting better at our timing.


  1. Dick you stubbin thing . Please , Please think of investing in an inflatable and a little outboard. Your life onboard will change forever.
    We often used ours to go on little adventures ,snorkling , spearfishing , siteseeing , visiting other yachties or even just to go for happy hour drinks at a bar , maybe a mile or two away, not to mention that they are very very stable and considered possibly used as a liferaft if kept blown up.

  2. Dear Anonymous (Darren?), love your comment and will definitely let Dick know about this excellent very good idea.