Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 20

Today's readings:

Distance traveled since yesterday:  13 miles
Distance to destination:  2,443 miles

Dick went up the mast to rethread the halyard for the roller furler. Then the genoa had to be fed into the slot (called the extrusion) and pulled upward. Dick was perched on the cross-tube doing the feeding, I was at the mast on the winch. The first week since Cabo has been slow-going to say the least.


  1. Zowie! With the winds so light, I wonder if they just decided to have a day of rest? Unfortunately, it looks like their area stays pretty calm until it picks up a bit early Friday morning. Winds should stay light, but at least blowing until moderate winds arrive on Tuesday. For the past week and through Tuesday the winds stay southerly. Those few days of better wind should see them far enough west to get into good westerly breeze.


  2. By now you must be drying fish.
    Things could be worse , enjoy .
    Took me a while to appreciate the lack of forward motion, as you would remember Dick .
    But now , I appreciate every minite on the water.