Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Back home in Rio Linda

Last Sunday, in addition to me finishing the LCI Seminar, Dick also went to the Kings game with Greg, and we moved back into the G St house in Rio Linda. It didn’t take very long, we don’t really have anything to move in. Here is our furnished bedroom:
  • batting covered foam pad and red wool blanket (borrowed from Carolyn and Mark)
  • two 1-inch-thick Thermarests (from our bicycle touring days),
  • sheets (borrowed from Tom and Julie)
  • and five fluffy pillows (from my bed at Justin’s house).
That’s it.

Our living room is more furnished than this. We have one folding chair (borrowed from Justin), two small tables (C&M). We’re reluctant to turn on the heating system for the whole downstairs so reading in the morning is best done like this:

And in the back yard, a surprise gift left by the tenant: four lovely chickens. I thought I’d give them to cousin Phyllis, but it only took a day or so for Dick to fall in love with them. He now calls them “my babies.” Sure, sweetie, just keep the driveway hosed off.
After 5 years, we now have a permanent place to live. This will be different. Gypsies no more?


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