Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lefse 101

Here in downtown Rio Linda lives the best lefse maker in the world as far as many of the Skaugs think, Merrilyn's house.

A few of us gathered for a lesson in how to make lefse.
L-R: Christy and mother Lynn (Dick's cousin), Carolyn (Dick's sister)

Merrilyn had cooked the potatoes and left them to sit uncovered all night.
After the bowl of flour was mixed in, it was time to roll balls about the size of a golf ball.
L-R: Lynn, Christy, Phyllis (my cousin), Carolyn

43 by the end.

Lots of flour. Note the lefse cast iron skillet heating up on the stovetop and the red-handled authentic lefse turner.  Merrilyn gave each of us a lefse turner with the recipe attached.

Very hot skillet for cooking
This is the same 43 balls of dough staying warm in a towel

I managed to get flour all over myself from my forehead down to my shoes.

With the lefse all cooked it was time for lunch.  Merrilyn is such a GOOD cook.

Lefse with butter and three kinds of homemade jam (apricot, strawberry, and pomegranate), pasta salad and asparagus with lemon.  Christy lobbied for more 101's from Merrilyn, all the jams and dill pickles. 

Cheesecake with fresh berries.

Merrilyn, I know all of us had a great time.  A couple of Norwegian husbands are so happy their wives have learned this new skill (Dick and Phyl's husband, Dave).  The food was incredible and the company delightful.

Thank you.  You really are the best lefse maker.
Merrilyn not only sent us out the door with the lefse turner and recipe, she also sent home leftovers!  Dick received clear instructions.  That pasta salad was all mine!   
This post was so long already, I didn't include any of the recipes.  If you want them, let me know.


  1. Arlete--thanks for posting this and you are soooo right--Merrilyn is a wonderful cook and it was such a fun day. :) I love your blog and have enjoyed it so very much! Love, Lynne

  2. From Adrienne: "Question...what is a lefse? Is it like a tortilla? As always, a great read." Yes, lefse is the Norwegian version of a tortilla, paper-thin, incredibly delicious warm with butter and jam.