Thursday, May 30, 2013

Katy Trail: day 5

Wednesday 29 May
Boonville to Columbia - 32 miles. The first part of today's ride was more open and less a tunnel through trees.

Pearson's clay-tile grain elevator.

The 1893 MK&T train tunnel.

After passing through Rocheport, the trail followed the Missouri River on one side,

The Manitou Bluffs on the other side.

Cut into the bluffs, a place where explosives used to be stored.

Site of camping for Lewis & Clark in 1804.

At milepost 169.9, we took the spur trail to Columbia.

Because of the recent heavy rain, the trail was very rough in places.

So rough that Billie's saddlebag jumped off her bike.

And the there was mud so thick and gloppy. I kept saying to myself, "keep pedaling" hoping I wouldn't get stuck. We may not leave Columbia on this path if the forecast for heavy rain happens.

We're staying at the Tiger Hotel (no camping once again :). The staff brought us a bucket of water and fluffy white towels to clean our bikes before taking them to storage in the basement.


  1. These pics bring back so many great memories: the canals in NY, and gloppy riding? What about your infamous 'short cut' down in Florida. Katy trail looks like so much fun. And you three all look great. Give us more pictures of yourselves.

  2. Glad you're not camping, too. Good for you!
    - t