Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Katy Trail:day 4

Tuesday 28 May
Sedalia to Boonville- 39 miles. It's overcast again, but that's a good thing, much cooler. As soon as the sun comes out, the temps climb rapidly into very humid 80s.  Sedalia's restored depot.

A very muddy turtle laying eggs - it sure looked like an uncomfortable process.

One of the last remaining signal lights on the trail.

The terrain is more rolling hills now, but the climbing isn't bad since the grade is only 2-3%.

Lunch in Pilot Grove at Becky's Burgers and Cones.

Rivercene B&B. Once again, no camping for me which was a good thing since there was a tornado watch until 10pm. Our room was on the third floor. We were briefed on the evacuation plan should it be needed. Rivercene was built between 1864-1867 for $25,000 by the Kinney family who owned riverboats on the Missouri River.

Don, one of the owners gave us a tour.

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