Saturday, September 21, 2013

Phyllis 70th birthday party

Timeline of Phyl's life, part 1.

Part 2

Part 3.

From Phyl's days at TransCal, Mark and Carol.

Family: Helen, Ken, Greg.

Work friends, Joel and Bridget

L-R:  Phyl's sons Jon and Chris, brother Chuck.

Sisters-in-law Pat and Carolyn.

Phyl with great grandson Chris III.

Grandchildren Alexa and Juan.

Daughters-in-law Melissa and Mary and grandson Chris Jr.

Chef Dave.

Phyl with friends Judy and Kathy.

Nieces Jan and Sharon.
If you go to the YouTube link above, you should be able to see the chicken flash mob surprise for Phyl,    It was a big hit.  Our group of "Spring Chicks."

Friends from work. It looks like the woman at the far left has a bowl on her head and Bridget has given the person to her right rabbit ears.

Phyl's family.

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