Friday, September 6, 2013

This week at work

This week our team of four was reduced to two at the request of Orchard School. Most of the testing had been complete by staff and they requested minimal support for a few days. I administered the group test for listening, reading , and writing to groups of about 15 students per grade level.

By mid-week, we were done and even got a handmade thank-you card and gift from Wendy. That was a surprise. 

We moved on to Castori School to help with grades K and 1, the entire test takes 45 minutes/student for a first grader. At Castori, about 15/class need to be tested and there are 4 classrooms/grade level. My favorite first name this week was Blue Shell for a girl.  

But let me tell you'll about Felix. He had a sniffly nose so I moved the tissue box closer to him. The pile on the floor grew and the test was taking way too long. Finally I asked him if he knew how to blow his nose. His face lit up, he grabbed 2-3 tissues, blew hard, and was amazed at how well that worked.  He held out his hands to show me all he produced.  "Look!" 

The joys of working with children never end.

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