Thursday, January 14, 2010

Overheard: SLC to SMF

Lisa and Ray were among the last passengers to board the plane in Salt Lake City.

Lisa: I can't get this suitcase inside this compartment.

Flight Attendant: Ma'am, that suitcase won't fit in there.

Lisa: There are too many backpacks in these upper compartments. They should be under the seats.

FA: Ma'am, that suitcase is too big, it won't fit in that space. (Bam! Bam!) Ma'am! Don't try to force the door shut.

Lisa: There are too many backpacks in all these compartments. If somebody could take their backpack out, I could find a space.

FA: We're not going to go down the aisle removing backpacks. You'll have to check your bag. We're trying to get ready for takeoff.

Lisa: Well, there are still too many backpacks in these upper compartments.

The FA took the suitcase. Ray and Lisa sat down across the aisle from me and back one row. I had a window seat! with no one in the center seat! and a Little Old Lady in the aisle seat. The flight attendant returned and spoke to Lisa.

FA: Ma'am, is that your assigned seat?

Lisa: No, my seat is about 10 rows up, but I want to sit here.

The FA turned to the young man standing behind him and asked if he'd mind switching seats, but the young man really wanted a window seat so he could sleep better. The FA told Lisa she'd have to move. Lisa pointed across the aisle and barked, "Can't he sit over there?"

Indeed it was an available window seat, the young was satisfied. At last the plane was ready to go. By snack time the LOL was sound asleep. The FA gave me a package of peanuts and took my drink order. I pulled out a package of giner cookies that I'd saved from the first leg of today's flights. Thirty minutes later, the LOL flagged down the FA, "Where's mine?"

FA: I think you were sleeping, but I'd be happy to get you something now.

LOL: I want cookies!

The FA attendant gave her a blank look, but finally said he'd go check to see if they had any.

FA: I'm sorry, we don't have cookies, we only have peanuts.

LOL (with a quick glance at my cookies): It would be beter if you had cookies.

FA: Yes, ma'am

Later, as the plane neared the jetway, the LOL jumped out of her seat and rushed up the aisle gaining about 10 rows before she was slowed down. "Excuse me, Excuse me, can I get by" got her another 3 rows before others stopped accomodating her and clogged the aisle.

Meanwhile at the back of the plane, Lisa is now on her cell phone, "Yeah! The plane left a little late, I don't know why, but we had a tail wind so we . . . " I never heard a peep from Ray.

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