Monday, January 4, 2010

Trash talk around the yard

On November 1, Dick fell about 4 feet when some scaffolding broke. Debra wagged her finger at him everytime she saw him, because he wouldn't go to the doctor. Finally in early December he went to a local doctor who confirmed he'd broken his clavicle. This only happened thanks to ongoing nagging from Debra, Dick's sister Carolyn, and son Greg.

Domingo, a young man who works in the yard, touched his shoulder and grimaced everytime he saw Dick.

Elke, from s/v Wind of Change from Hamburg Germany always crooked her arm.

Luis suggested that Dick's should hurt more because he'd been tipping a few too many beers.
Luis comes occasionally to the yard to sell super-fresh, gigantic shrimp.

Gil, s/v Sunday from San Diego always had a joke or story to tell, but my favorite was about the teasing he took from his fellow firefighters after a particular rescue effort. An old woman had fallen out of bed and was wedged between the bed and the wall. Gil laid on the bed and was reaching out to help her when she looked up at him and said, "Aren't you a little OLD to be doing this?"

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