Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sophia's Baptism

9 am Saturday at the downtown Sacramento Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. (Sorry about the zombie eyes, I don't know what happened.)

Godparents, brother-in-law Jeff and longtime friend Kristen Wymore Clements.

Justin Hampton and Heidi Peterson

L-R: Sheri Meyer, Danielle, Jeremy Clements holds son Logan, Michael (Danielle's husband).

L-R: Conrad Del Castillo, Leiah (Lenin's older sister, Jeff's wife), Holly (Lenin's younger sister) with a niece.

Brunch afterwards at Zócalo:

Note the picture frame on the back wall showed a slide show of Sophia's life so far and many photos of her family. On the screen at this moment are 4 generations of Hodel/Hampton/Del Castillo women.
Cupcakes from Ginger Elizabeth:

Kristen Wymore Clements with Jeremy and sons, Logan and Mitchell:

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