Monday, December 13, 2010

Bicicletta vs automovil

Dick thought there were no cars coming as he moved to the left to cross the road last Friday evening as he rode from the marina to Roberto's house. However, he misjudged the situation and was struck on his left side by a car. No broken bones, no scrapes or scratches, but he was very sore for days. He continued to work on the boat, but as this picture shows, he had trouble lifting himself out a chair as he worked on the mast.

One funny note: the milk crate carrier which was zip-tied to the back rack came off and landed upright at the side of the road. He also lost one shoe and a pair of glasses that were tucked into the front neck of his shirt. Where did they end up? Inside the milk crate. Here, you can seen one improvement: a blinking light attached to his neck. He's riding my bicycle up the the deposito (beer store), two empty bottles in the baskets. By returning the bottles, the beer is half-price - such a deal!

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