Friday, December 3, 2010

Nuestra cama

Our bed. We've moved into the starboard hull to sleep. Previously, I've been making a bed on the floor of the bridgedeck using cushions from the settee: under an open counter, partly in the galley (kitchen), partly in the salon (living room). It was a little like life on a bicycle tour. Each day pitching the tent, making the bed; each morning, putting it all away again. I never minded, bicycle touring was good practice for boat life.

The space is long enough so Dick's feet no long have to fit through a hole at the bottom of the cabinet door under the galley sink. It's almost as wide as a double bed although there is a section (my space) against the wall that sticks out farther. It's about 2 feet high, so there's no sitting up in bed. It's also rather high to climb into. I need an extra step to be able to barely get my knee onto the bed. No one but Dick will ever see me getting into our berth - it's not a pretty sight.

Making the bed is a challenge. Imagine making your bed while lying on your stomach, surrounded on 3 1/4 sides by a wall, tucking under the fitted sheet like a wrestling match.

On cold nights it's quite cozy. On warm nights we open a hatch door and two small circular holes to ge the air moving.

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