Sunday, December 5, 2010

Como una piedra en pozo

Like a rock in a well. This is the Spanish-language answer to "How did you sleep last night?" That's how I slept last night.

Some friends of Roberto's came over for a carne asada dinner and music on the balcony patio. L-R: Salvador and his son, Martín:

Roberto doesn't play the guitar although he looks good holding it.

Four brothers were part of the group, all musically talented. They sang Mexican folk songs and original compostions in harmony.

The brother who now has the guitar is a professional musician and has worked in Las Vegas.

The carne asada - grilled meat that's put into flour tortillas and topped with salsa - was delicious. There was also beer and wine, a tequila bottle was passed around every once in a while. Hence, my very good night's sleep.

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