Thursday, December 23, 2010

Trabajar en el barco - actualización

Boat update. The work area underneath the boat has been cleared away. Much of what goes back onto the boat has been cleaned and stored inside the building, some was thrown away. All the storage lockers have been cleaned.
The mast has been refurbished: all stays and lines have been reattached, all lights have been reconnected and are in working order, cardboard protection has been shrink-wrapped onto the mast in preparation for being restepped (put back onto the boat where it belongs, but that won't happen until the boat is back in the water).

With lots of manpower, the mast was moved about 6 feet away from the boat so the Travel Lift has enough room.

Cleaning the engine - a very messy job.

Bottom paint has been purchased, but applying it has to be finely timed with going back into the water and stepping the mast. Orasio, the "big boss" in the yard will be on vacation until after the new year. We're getting ever closer - we do not plan to become permanent Guaymanians. Or is it Guaymaneros?

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