Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Taquito Shop

We have found the best tacos in Guaymas - The Taquito Shop

Because of the sun, we sat on the shady side of the building where the sides were raised and stools were set out. At night, all the covers seen here would be raised.

The owner, on the left, speaks English which was very helpful. We ordered one each chicken, beef, and pork with three salsas to choose from. Then the owner, who remembered us from the Shrimp Festival, brought over two more tacos to sample, poblanos with cheese and onions - also delicious. Then he brought us some papas fritas, fried potatoes - thinly sliced, golden brown, a lot like potato chips in the USA. We also tried the available juices - one melon, one guayaba. Total cost was about $9 - so much food, we were able to skip dinner.

We must go back for dinner some day, the menu is completely different.

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