Thursday, December 10, 2009

A walk through Golondrinas

From the deck of our boat, way off in the distance, we can see some sort of building on a hill with a cross on top. A perfect goal for today's walk.

At the top we found an open-air chapel with great views of Guaymas Bay.

The following pictures show the views beginning in the south.

The ferry to Santa Rosalia is somewhere in this picture.

The Navy and shrimp boats

More shrimp boats
What looks almost like a landing strip is the land in front of Marina Singlar.

A closer look at the marina. A good eye can spot our boat.

Between the hills, the city of Guaymas spreads out.

The neighborhood of Golondrinas

The end of the 360-degree view. We walked up one side of the hill and down the other and noticed some other interesting things. Here a community security building with an officer inside, although Dick said he looked a lot like Barney Fife.

Abarrotes (small grocery stores) are everywhere. Many of them have a sad-looking dog in front.

This young man was enjoying riding this toy in the street despite the fact that it had no handlebars. He has his hands on the brakes.

There are also tortilla shops everywhere. This is a fairly big one. More often tortillas are sold from individual homes. Note our new friend is also in this picture. As we walked away from him, he began pedaling fast to keep up with us. We weren't sure for a while that he wouldn't follow us home.

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