Monday, December 7, 2009

Weiners de Pescado

Dear Gentle Reader,
The following is Dick's first blog post. After reading his nephew Dave's many posts on delcious meals he had around the world (, Dick decided to share his latest food invention. ~Arlete

The following recipe requires a local delicacy called "weiner de pescado" which is a hot dog made of pollock fish. While this is not available in America, it is very similar to imitation krab. Really, VERY similar. Step one: marinate the weiners in pineapple juice, honey, maple syrup, and curry powder then grill.
Note, in the picture above, the chef has a broken wing, therefore ask your sous chef, Arlete, to dice onion, tomato, cucumber, avocado, and pineapple.

Crucial to the recipe are "bolillos" from the "panaderia" on Calle 20, just off Avenida Serdan in Guaymas.

Even an invalid can complete the recipe at this point. Slice the bolillo, tear out a little bread from the center, and assemble.

Buen appetito, amigos.

For some reason, Arlete wouldn't touch one and had a tuna sandwich instead. Go figure.

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