Friday, September 17, 2010

To Boston Massachusetts

Thursday, 16 September: Our train left Portland ME around noon.

It was a commuter train so we were able to roll our bikes and the Bob trailer.

A short ride, maybe 2 miles, through the busy downtown streets to get from the North Station to the South Station. Riding in these conditions is always a bit harrowing. Navigating with Google bicycle directions, lots of traffic and people, unfamiliar streets. While commuters headed home in droves
Dick broke down the bicycles and boxed them. The Bob trailer was packed with all the things we wouldn't need for the next 4 days and wrapped in many layers of shrink wrap. We were able to leave 3 pieces of checked baggage at the station until tomorrow's train.

We took public transportation (the Orange Line) to the home of our Warmshowers host, Brad. We felt so lucky to be able to make this connection and not have to get a hotel for the night.

Friday 17 September: We slept on the hardwood floor in the room of one of Brad's roommate's. We slept surprisingly well, although this picture may not show that.

Our train left Boston at noon. Sitting behind us were three families with a total of 8 children and we left with hope in our hearts that the next four days on the train would be pleasant.

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