Friday, September 10, 2010

To North Woodstock

Five miles out of Orford, my rear shifter cable broke. Dick secured the loose cable and I managed, with some difficulty, to ride 12 miles to North Haverhill. I was able to use only 1-8 and 2-8 gears which meant I had to walk up even modest hills. It was slow going for both of us since Dick also took both panniers and a third bag onto his bike to make it a little easier for me. This is the green in the small town of Haverhill about 4 miles from our goal.

We found High Intensity Bicycle Shop at the west side of town and luckily the shop was open and the owner/mechanic was there. The cable had broken close to the shifter itself and Tom wasn't sure he'd be able to pick out the short broken wires. While he worked, we walked down the street to get some lunch and wondered if this was the end of this tour.

Thankfully, Tom was able to replace the shifter cable and lubed both our bikes. Tom and his wife run their business mainly online selling parts and Kona bicycles, but they also have a snow bike they designed themselves. I got to try it out. Single-speed with fat 4"-wide knobby tires.

There was some hill climbing left to do today. Beautiful views, we crossed the Appalachian Trail just after this pass.

Tonight we camped at Maple Haven Campground in North Woodstock. A great campsite with a babbling brook.

Miles completed = 4230

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