Sunday, September 12, 2010

To Conway

As I rode out of Lincoln, I couldn't keep up with this poling his way up a slight incline. He was wearing short skis on wheels.
I'm riding the Kancamagus Highway. 12 miles uphill to the top of the pass at 2855 feet. This is the very last mountain climbing we will have to do on this tour. Hurray!

Pemigewasett River:

About 4 miles from the top. It got steeper after this, up to a 10% grade.

I made it and waited for Dick for a while, but since it was cold and misting heavily, I finally put on more clothes and headed downhill. Note that I did not carry my panniers. Dick kindly put them on his bike AND pulled the Bob trailer up and over the pass. Unfortunately, a cyclist coming from the other direction moved to the center line to yell at Dick with a critical voice, "You're carrying too much gear."

There was an organized ride that came from the opposite direction with many disabled riders. Quite a few pulled themselves along with only their arms - about 22 miles with up to a 7% grade - supported and encouraged by a two-wheeled cyclist.

We met and rode together to Eastern Slope Camping Area in Conway.

Miles completed = 4272

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