Sunday, October 17, 2010

1955 to 2010: Calvary Lutheran Church performs!

About 1955: This group of women from Calvary Lutheran Church performed a skit at the mother-daughter banquet. I would have been 7 years old, maybe I was in the audience.

L-R Front Row: Alma Hodel, Leone Thorne, Virginia Philips Whalen, Bette Courtney, Joan Weber, Adele Posehn.

Back Row: Faye McClain, Frieda Beltz, Minnie Monsen, Rose Bengston, Olga McClellan, Dorothy Lien.Sunday afternoon, October 17, 2010 at Atria El Camino Gardens. Calvary Lutheran Gospel Choir:

Alma and Leone:
Thais and Sophia:

George Williford and Teresa:
Ron Smith, Lois Penman, Don Thorne:

Leone Thorne:

Don Strauch, Romy Strauch, Gloria Deroo:

Jan Smith, Caitlin Smith:

Evelyn Brown, Joan Weber:

This is Don's "Rio Linda Hayseed" face:

Thank you so much, Calvary Lutheran for coming out to sing for my mom and everyone else. You do this every other month and it's greatly appreciated by everyone. Thank you, Leone, for helping me with all the names.

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  1. You are welcome. The pictures came out great, even if I look old - oh well, I guess I am.