Saturday, October 30, 2010

Un vaso de fruta y postres

One of our favorite morning diversions is "a glass of fruit and pastry." Our favorite vendor arrives at this corner at 10 am, sweeps the street and gets his cart ready.

He chops fresh pineapple, melon, orange, cucumber, jicama, and coconut into a plastic glass. We have lime juice and salt over the top and skip the hot sauce and chili pepper.

The glass is piled full and secured with a few toothpicks and set inside a clear plastic bag. 15 pesos each, about $1.22 USD.

We take our vasos and walk a couple of blocks to Astros, a pastelleria or bakery. It doesn't have a sign anywhere. The sign in the picture is for a doctor up the street and indicates he can treat just about any condition.

Por favor, utilice los pinzas para tomar los postres. Please use the tongs to take pastries.

Then take the tray to the cashier who will package your selections


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